Haiyuan, Ningxia, February 28 (Reporter Yu Jing) - on February 28, the reporter learned from Haiyuan County, Zhongwei City, Ningxia that recently, the sample of fennel sent by Huashan Chinese herbal medicine planting professional cooperative in Zhangwan village, Guanqiao Township, Haiyuan County successfully passed the national agricultural standard detection and certification, which provided support for Haiyuan fennel to enter the international market. The 50 ton fennel of the recently loaded semi-trailer has been sent to Tianjin port for sale to Germany.

It is understood that as early as the 1970s, Haiyuan county has begun to plant fennel. After years of development, fennel industry has gradually become one of the main characteristic industries to increase the income of local farmers in Haiyuan.

Haiyuan fennel is famous abroad, thanks to the unique geographical advantages and climatic conditions of Haiyuan county. In 2008, Zhang Chengqiao, a migrant worker, saw the development prospect of fennel market and resolutely returned home to establish a professional planting cooperative.

Zhang Chengqiao told reporters that as the leader of getting rich in the village, he just wanted to lead more people to develop the fennel industry and let everyone live a good life together. However, at the beginning, due to lack of understanding of scientific planting technology, the yield of fennel was low and the income was low. After thinking about it, he invited agricultural experts to guide farmers in selecting seeds, fertilizing and watering. The quality of fennel is guaranteed.

The good development momentum of fennel has strengthened Zhang Chengqiao's confidence in making the fennel industry bigger and stronger. Today, Huashan Chinese herbal medicine planting professional cooperative has gradually formed a whole industry chain development model integrating production, processing, storage and sales. The number of workers used each year reaches more than 100, giving more than 50 farmers in Zhangwan village a "second career".

The relevant person in charge of Zhangwan village told reporters that by planting fennel, people in Zhangwan village have more and more money bags. This year, more than 300 mu of fennel will be planted.

In recent years, Haiyuan County, based on its regional advantages, has vigorously developed the advantageous characteristic economy of the county, deeply tapped the potential of pollution-free and residue free green food of fennel in the county, improved the level of scientific and technological services, and established a breeding base for improved varieties of fennel and a demonstration base for lateral film planting of fennel. In 2010, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas approved the registration and protection of geographical indications of agricultural products for "Haiyuan fennel". In 2021, the planting area of fennel in Haiyuan county will reach 22800 mu. (end)