The new wheat will be launched in late May, and the wheat market is currently in a sensitive period before the new wheat market. There is a high degree of social concern, and all parties are paying great attention to the new wheat output and the price of new wheat. On May 11, at the press briefing held by the State Administration of Grain and Material Reserves, Qin Yuyun, Director of the Grain Reserve Department of the State Administration of Grain and Material Reserves, Wang Xiaohui, Chief Analyst of the National Grain and Oil Information Center, and law enforcement supervision by the State Administration of Grain and Material Reserves Bureau Director Zhong Haitao analyzed the current situation of the grain market and the new situation of summer grain purchases.

Preparations for the purchase of summer grain are basically in place

Summer grain accounts for a quarter of the annual grain output. As the first battle of the annual grain purchase, it is very important to do a good job in the purchase of summer grain.

Qin Yuyun introduced that from the situation of investigation and scheduling, the production base of summer grains this year is relatively good. If there are no major natural disasters in the later period, the output of summer grains will remain at a relatively high level.

Recently, the State Bureau of Grain and Material Reserves held a video conference on the purchase of summer grains and oils nationwide, and re-mobilized and deployed the summer grain purchases. Relevant enterprises in various places closely focus on “people who have money to collect grain, those who have money to collect grain, there are warehouses to collect grain, and there are vehicles to transport grain” to improve their working mechanisms, refine their work plans, and make preparations for acquisitions. Shandong, Jiangsu, Henan and other major producing provinces have improved the credit guarantee fund for grain purchase loans, and actively coordinated financial institutions to increase credit support; major producing provinces such as Anhui, Hubei, and Sichuan have accelerated the vacancy and consolidation of warehouses, which have changed from the previous year’s “grain and other warehouses”. "Changed to "Warehouse Waiting for Grain".

"At present, the preparations for this year are basically in place, and the warehouse capacity and funds can meet the needs of Xialiang acquisition. In about half a month, Xialiang acquisition will start from south to north one after another, and all regions will follow the video The deployment of the meeting requires that further detailed arrangements be made for local acquisitions." Qin Yuyun said.

The State Bureau of Grain and Material Reserves preliminarily predicts that the peak season purchases of the three varieties of wheat, early indica rice, and rapeseed will total 60 to 70 million tons, a slight increase compared with normal years. This year, the state will continue to implement the minimum purchase price policy for wheat and rice in the main producing areas. Due to the good market conditions, the enthusiasm of diversified entities to enter the market is higher. It is expected that the market-oriented purchase and sale of summer grains will be more active, and the possibility of launching a market purchase is unlikely. In particular, high-quality wheat has a good market and strong demand, and the characteristics of high-quality grain and high price will be more obvious, which will help farmers increase income.

The material foundation for the supply of wheat to stabilize the market is solid

Wang Xiaohui pointed out that, on the whole, the wheat market is currently in sufficient supply and the price is weak; new wheat is expected to have a good harvest, and the opening price may be higher than the above. year.

He analyzed that the sown area of ​​winter wheat this year increased by about 3 million mu year-on-year, ending the decline for four consecutive years; the proportion of primary and secondary seedlings in the main producing areas mostly exceeded 90%, an increase over the same period last year. 5-10%, a good harvest has been established. As long as there is no continuous rainy weather before the new wheat harvest, and no large-scale head blight occurs, the wheat will have another bumper harvest this year, and the area, yield and output are expected to achieve "three increases".

"Wheat is one of the two major rations in my country. With sufficient inventory, adequate reserves, and ample supply, it can meet the market's consumer demand for more than one year, and it has a solid material foundation to ensure a stable supply of the market." Wang Xiaohui said, For this year's new wheat market, it may show the characteristics of "increased production, price increases, and booming purchases and sales", and the market-oriented acquisition ratio will further increase. We will actively play the role of the new-type grain market monitoring and early warning system, and strengthen the monitoring and trend prediction of wheat market prices. At the same time, it is also hoped that all market entities will purchase grain rationally, and that grain sellers will sell their grains in a timely manner to jointly maintain the smooth operation of the wheat market.

Inspection of violations of laws and regulations will never be tolerated

In order to ensure the smooth and orderly purchase of summer grains across the country, Zhong Haitao stated that he will adhere to the supervision and supervision of the entire process of summer grain purchases, and Seriously investigate and punish violations of laws and regulations in grain purchases.

Zhong Haitao introduced that with the bottom line that there will be no regional and phased "difficulties in selling grain" and "white bars" as the bottom line, law enforcement officers from local grain and reserve departments will be organized to conduct in-depth purchases and carry out daily inspections and law enforcement. Inspect, strengthen the supervision of the whole process of designation, acquisition, quality acceptance, etc., coordinate and solve the contradictions and problems that arise in the acquisition, and resolve various problems at the grassroots level and the procurement and storage site.

Increase the supervision and inspection efforts, realize full coverage of the supervision and inspection of all kinds of enterprises participating in the acquisition, eliminate the blind spots of supervision, and effectively protect the interests of farmers. Implement the reform spirit of “decentralization, regulation and service”, resolutely implement the provisions of the “Regulations on the Administration of Grain Circulation” regarding the cancellation of grain purchase qualification permits, disguised approvals are strictly forbidden, no “open and secret”, no disguised purchase permits for any reason or in any form, It is not allowed to conduct approval in the name of filing to maintain the normal order of summer grain purchases. Organize various localities to carry out special rectification of arrears of farmers’ grain sales, and strictly restrict grain-receiving companies to "one-handed grain, one-hand money, and cash settlement" to prevent fraudulent use of high interest rates and defaulting on farmers' grain sales; actively cooperate with market supervision Other departments have severely cracked down on behaviors that disrupt market order, such as hoarding, driving up prices, and malicious speculation.

Zhong Haitao stated that he will intensify the investigation and punishment of cases of violations of laws and regulations during the acquisition, and for non-strict implementation of national grain quality standards, low grades and low prices, shortfalls, illegal charges, "whitening" or not timely Any behavior that violates the regulations and regulations, harms the interests of the country, and entraps the interests of grain farmers, such as paying for the sale of grain, is strictly investigated and publicly exposed; Responsibility; for suspected violations of discipline and law, promptly transfer to discipline inspection and supervision agencies or judicial agencies for handling, always maintain a high-pressure situation, and continue to release the strong supervision signal of the "granary of the big country" to ensure that national policies are in place and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of grain farmers and consumers. Better guarantee national food security. The State Bureau of Grain and Material Reserves 12325 supervision hotline is ready to accept reports and complaints from the masses, and will not tolerate any violations of laws and regulations. (Li Hui, all-media reporter of Guangming Daily)