China News Service, Ningbo, June 8 (Reporter Lin Bo) On June 8, the sixth meeting of the China-CEEC Joint Chamber of Commerce hosted by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province was held in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. Focus on China-CEEC economic and trade cooperation and write a new chapter in development.

The China-CEEC Joint Chamber of Commerce is an important part of the China-CEEC cooperation framework. It was jointly initiated by China and Poland in accordance with the Bucharest Outline for China-CEEC Cooperation in 2013. And invite other Central and Eastern European countries business associations and trade and investment promotion agencies to voluntarily join the non-profit mechanism. There are currently a total of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and 20 Central and Eastern European Countries Chambers of Commerce and Trade and Investment Promotion Institutions (15 Central and Eastern European countries) as member units.

Chairman Gao Yan of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade said that the holding of the sixth meeting of the China-CEEC Joint Chamber of Commerce is an important follow-up to the implementation of the "2021 China-CEEC Cooperation Beijing Activity Plan." The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade is willing to strengthen cooperation with the member units of the United Chamber of Commerce, continue to pay attention to the needs of enterprises, provide high-quality services, and bridge the trade and investment cooperation between enterprises, and jointly write a new chapter in China-CEEC economic and trade cooperation."

Zhejiang The Governor of the Provincial People’s Government Zheng Zhajie said that Zhejiang Province is working hard to build a China-CEEC cooperation center hub, build a high-quality economic and trade cooperation demonstration zone, and become a bridgehead for the Central and Eastern European countries to enter the Chinese market. “Zhejiang is willing to share with the Central and Eastern European countries. Opportunities, open cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win, accelerate cooperation in the fields of advanced manufacturing, port logistics, business tourism, technological innovation, green and low-carbon, and promote China-CEEC economic and trade exchanges to a new level."

"Further development of high-quality and mutually beneficial economic and trade cooperation with China is the priority of the Polish government. Poland is willing to promote more high-quality goods and services into the Chinese market, expand e-commerce cooperation, and jointly build agricultural products wholesale markets. Cooperation." Robert Tomanek, Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Labor and Technology of Poland, stated that the China-CEEC cooperation mechanism is an important channel for Poland to cooperate with China. The Polish Ministry of Economic Affairs actively supports China-CEEC. The National Union Chamber of Commerce has strengthened the construction of mechanisms to build more platforms and provide more opportunities for enterprises to connect and communicate.

"The Hungarian side encourages Chinese companies to go to Hungary to carry out investment cooperation in finance, digital technology and green technology, and continue to deepen the partnership and friendship between Hungary and China." Laszlo Barrog, Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance of Hungary ( László Balogh) stated that since the launch of the China-CEEC cooperation mechanism, Hungary has actively participated in relevant cooperation under this framework and has achieved fruitful results. Hungary attaches great importance to the cooperation with China in the joint construction of the “Belt and Road”.

Krzysztof Drynda, director of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, said that the China-CEEC cooperation mechanism is conducive to further strengthening China-Poland trade and investment cooperation and promoting the economic integration of Eastern European countries. To deepen the cooperation between China and the European Union, "The China-CEEC cooperation mechanism provides CEEC companies with a good opportunity to enter the Chinese market in the fields of agri-food, information technology, automobiles, machinery, construction materials, furniture, luxury goods, and jewelry. Central and Eastern European countries in China also welcome Chinese companies to invest in greenfield projects."

It is reported that this conference, with the theme of "new starting point, set sail, and reap Docking and other links. More than 500 representatives from government departments, embassies and consulates, business associations, and enterprises from China and Central and Eastern European countries participated in the meeting through online and offline methods. The cooperation between business associations and local governments under the epidemic situation, cooperation in agriculture, e-commerce, tourism and other industries, small and medium-sized Exchange and discussion on hot topics such as corporate cooperation.

In addition, the conference organized 68 Central and Eastern European companies and nearly 200 Chinese companies to conduct about 200 matchmaking negotiations, and reached a number of practical cooperation results, involving trade, e-commerce, tourism, finance and other fields. (End)