Chinanews Jingwei, November 3 (Xinhua) on November 3, it was learned from ICBC Financial Management Co., Ltd. that as of November 2, the scale of financial products independently issued and managed by ICBC financial management took the lead in breaking through 2 trillion yuan and continued to rank first among financial management subsidiaries. Meanwhile, the net value of financial products managed by ICBC financial management has continued to grow steadily as a whole. Since its establishment for more than two years, it has paid nearly 40 billion yuan of investment income for financial customers

behind the figure of 2 trillion yuan is the intensive cultivation of investment research, products, risk control, science and technology and other core competitiveness of ICBC financial management since its establishment for more than two years. It is the collaborative force of asset management, channel sales, asset creation, risk control technology, custody operation and other lines of ICBC group

as one of the first established financial management subsidiaries of commercial banks, ICBC financial management has always adhered to the investment and research culture of "diligence, professionalism, standardization, mutual trust, cooperation and efficiency", accelerated the formation of a characteristic investment and research system driven by two wheels of large asset allocation and diversified investment strategy, and continued to build a characteristic investment and research system based on cash management, "fixed income +", multi asset portfolio and alternative "4 + 3" full pedigree product system with cross-border characteristics. Especially since this year, ICBC wealth management has further improved its asset allocation and portfolio management capabilities, continued to increase direct financing support for leading enterprises in key industries, with a green bond investment scale of more than 360 billion, actively promoted the pilot of pension wealth management products, and actively and steadily participated in the first pilot of "cross-border wealth management link" business in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, We have strengthened the construction of high-quality professionals and achieved self height and quality development while serving the high-quality development of the real economy

deeply practice the concept of green development and fully create green value

ICBC financial management established the basic concept of responsible investment and sustainable development at the beginning of its establishment, continued to strengthen investment in green financial business, continuously enriched green financial products and service modes, and created a "green scheme" with the characteristics of ICBC financial management. In July this year, ICBC wealth management innovated, developed and first launched the CSI ICBC wealth management "carbon neutral" asset allocation index and green finance themed wealth management products to further help the low-carbon transformation of the real economy, release new allocation potential and realize green and sustainable development

actively layout the pension market to meet residents' pension investment and financial needs

in the early stage of establishment, ICBC financial management established a team to carry out the research on "aging adaptation" of pension financial management, learn from the design concept of pension financial products at home and abroad, and independently develop investment strategies such as target risk and target date. In September this year, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission decided to carry out the pilot of pension financial products, and ICBC financial became one of the first pilot institutions of pension financial products. Taking this opportunity, ICBC wealth management will further establish and improve business processes, innovate investment strategies, control product design, strengthen communication and cooperation with Wuhan and Chengdu, give full play to the advantages of wealth management business, support the third pillar of old-age security, and play a greater role in meeting residents' wealth management needs and promoting common prosperity

participate in the first pilot of "southbound" and strengthen cross-border financial services

in October this year, ICBC became the first pilot bank of "cross-border financial links" in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of ICBC, ICBC wealth management gives full play to the group's business linkage advantages such as domestic and foreign two-way custody, transaction market making and cross-border settlement, and vigorously expands cross-border wealth management business. Under the framework of existing laws and regulations, ICBC wealth management actively and steadily participated in the first pilot of "Nantong" business according to the unified deployment of regulatory authorities and the work arrangement of the group, further expanded overseas bond investment channels, provided diversified and convenient overseas wealth management methods, and served the overseas financing needs of Chinese enterprises, Continue to contribute to the internationalization of RMB and the interconnection between Hong Kong and the mainland

enhance the quality and efficiency of serving the real economy and promote high-quality development

ICBC financial management actively participated in capital market investment by issuing public and private equity products at the beginning of its establishment, becoming one of the few financial management subsidiaries issuing public equity products in the market. On this basis, ICBC financial management closely followed the pace of domestic capital market reform, gave full play to its professional investment ability, supported the participation in the construction of multi-level capital market such as registration system reform and new refinancing regulations through scientific innovation and fixed increase investment, increased direct financing support for leading enterprises in key industries, and better served the high-quality development of the real economy, It has fulfilled the responsibility and responsibility of the financial management sub branch of state-owned banks

strengthen the support of professional responsible talents and shape differentiated competitive advantages

since its establishment, ICBC financial management has taken the support of professional responsible talents as the fundamental guarantee for the financial management subsidiary to enhance its investment and research ability and obtain differentiated competitive advantages. In terms of talent team training, ICBC financial management, based on the talent driven characteristics of the asset management industry, continues to strengthen the construction of high-quality professional talent team, optimize the talent introduction mode, refine the setting of training system, deepen the core talent reserve, highlight the guidance of investment performance linked assessment mechanism, and constantly improve the degree of market-oriented and corporate operation

Wang Hailu, chairman of ICBC wealth management, said, "if the development of bank wealth management in the past ten years is a sprint to fight for speed and strength, then the new regulations are more like a marathon to fight for endurance and strength." next, bank wealth management and even the whole asset management industry will enter a real stage of improving quality and efficiency, strengthening ability, promoting reform, grasping innovation and preventing risks, This is not only the trend of the future market and the opportunity of institutions, but also a new stage of financial services, high-quality development of the real economy, a better life and common prosperity for the people. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)