China News Service, May 20. According to the website of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Planning Department of the National Development and Reform Commission issued a reminder on the 19th to prevent unidentified organizations and individuals from cheating under the guise of new urbanization.

Recently, some unidentified organizations and individuals claiming to be "China Urbanization Construction Working Committee", "China Investment Promotion Committee", "Chinese Characteristic Town Working Committee", "China Urban and Rural Development Working Committee" and other unidentified organizations and individuals, under the guise of new types In the name of urbanization construction, etc., promote deceptive remarks to the city and county-level people's governments and related enterprises, such as "helping each city and county obtain 20 billion yuan in central fiscal subsidy funds" "can help each characteristic town to obtain several billion yuan "The central government subsidy funds" etc. interfered with the order of the new-type urbanization construction.

After careful verification, the above fraudulent remarks are not true, and the central government subsidy funds mentioned in it have not been set. The National Development and Reform Commission’s project funding and pilot demonstration matters involving new urbanization construction work have rigorous, standardized, open and transparent procedures and standards, and strictly implement relevant policy documents and special management measures. The provincial development and reform commissions follow established procedures. Submit.

The Planning Department of the National Development and Reform Commission stated that the new urbanization construction work includes the integrated development of urban agglomerations, the construction of urbanization in the same city, the high-quality development of cities, the strengths and weaknesses of counties, and the standardization of characteristic towns. Healthy development, urban-rural integrated development and other fields. The Party Central Committee, the State Council, and the National Development and Reform Commission have formulated and issued a series of policy documents for the construction of a new type of urbanization. Local people's governments at all levels and market entities can proceed in a scientific and reasonable manner in accordance with the requirements of the documents.