China News Service, Beijing, August 2 (Reporter Yu Lixiao) The Beijing Park Management Center issued a warm reminder on August 2 that according to the requirements of Beijing’s epidemic prevention and control work, according to the "limitation, appointment, and peak shift" From now on, 11 municipal parks such as the Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Beihai Park and the Chinese Garden Museum will adjust the current limit ratio to 60%.

In order to prevent the risk of the spread of clustered epidemics and ensure that tourists visit the park in a safe, healthy and orderly manner, the Beijing Park Management Center reminds tourists to arrange travel time in advance to make the best possible appointments. Make an online time-sharing appointment in advance and visit the park according to the appointment time to avoid gathering together.

When entering the park, visitors must cooperate with the temperature test code and wear masks scientifically. When visiting the park, visitors are requested to maintain a social distance of more than 1 meter. When entering the temple, taking a tour bus, ferry boat, and activities in the park, they must wear a mask when they are in densely populated and closed places. When there is a limited flow of visits, tourists are requested to line up in an orderly manner and cooperate with the staff to manage them.

Beijing Park Management Center also pointed out that tourists with red or yellow codes are not allowed to enter the park, and those who have lived in high-risk areas within 14 days and those who have entered the park for less than 21 days are not allowed to enter the park. (End)