Focus Interview: Exploring Museum Service Trade Fair will take you to see the highlights

CCTV News (Focus Interview): September 2-7, 2021 China International Trade in Services Fair will be held in Beijing . This is the largest international exhibition with the richest content in the field of global service trade. What is trade in services? International trade includes physical trade and service trade. According to the definition of the World Trade Organization, service trade includes 12 major fields such as commerce, communications, construction engineering, finance, cultural tourism, sports, transportation, and health. Service trade has now become the most active "new engine" in the international economic and trade field. The theme of this year's Service Trade Fair is "Digital opens up the future, service promotes development", so why does digital become the key word? What are the highlights of the exhibition?

This year, the "Circle of Friends" of the Service Trade Fair has expanded. It is reported that the number of offline exhibitors at the Service Trade Fair this year has increased by 6% over the previous year. More than 10,000 companies from 153 countries and regions registered for online and offline exhibitions, an increase of 5 countries from the previous session. The internationalization rate and the proportion of Fortune Global 500 exceeded the previous level, and the exhibition area increased by 20,000 square meters compared with last year.

Chen Chunjiang, Director of the Department of Trade in Services and Commercial Services of the Ministry of Commerce, said: "Especially in the context of the global new crown pneumonia epidemic that has not been fully controlled, the holding of a service trade fair will demonstrate my country’s willingness to work with the international community. Overcome the difficulties and deepen the confidence and determination to open up and cooperate."

So, what kind of charm does the Service Trade Fair this year attract friends from all over the world to come to the conference? On the eve of the exhibition, reporters came to the venue to find out in advance.

The main venue of this service trade fair is at the National Convention Center. According to reports, the scale and internationalization of exhibitors in this service trade fair are higher than previous ones, and this time it also sets up digital services. Special area. Just as the theme of this year's exhibition is "Digital opens up the future, services promote development", this year's Service Trade Fair will give more prominence to digital services. Although the digital service zone is still on display, it can be seen that cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing abound. This area brings together dozens of international companies and institutions from home and abroad, and will showcase some of their latest and bright digital services and application scenarios in various fields of service trade.

A Japanese company with a century-old history of the world’s top 500 has participated in the Service Trade Fair for five consecutive years and brought new digital service products this year.

Wang Hui, manager of the planning department of NEC (China) Co., Ltd., said: “This year’s service trade will have a key word of “digitalization”, which coincides with NEC’s current strategic policy. We hope to provide Information and communication technology solutions provide support for the digital transformation of all walks of life in China. This time we have also brought the digital transformation for the three major areas of health care, enterprises, and social infrastructure, providing support for eight items Solutions."

In the digital service zone, in addition to large multinational companies and institutions to display their tradable service products, there are also some unique displays of digital achievements. In the exhibition area, the reporter saw a slightly different and familiar name-the Palace Museum.

On the big screen next to the booth of the Palace Museum is the digital Forbidden City modeled by digital means. In this way, we can not only experience the Forbidden City again up close, but also follow the camera to explore the burial. Mysteries in the underground of the Forbidden City. On the booth, digital cultural relics are displayed. The Forbidden City has digitally modeled hundreds of cultural relics in the museum through digital means. In this way, we can see the details of these cultural relics very clearly at close range.

In the "Cultural Inheritance·Digital Sharing" Digital Forbidden City Experience Zone hosted by the Palace Museum and co-organized by Tencent, three major sections, "digital cultural relics," "digital archaeology," and "digital services" The digital achievements of the Forbidden City for more than 20 years.

This year's Service Trade Fair focuses on numbers because the digital economy has become a new driving force for global economic recovery and my country's high-quality development, as well as a new engine for the development of service trade. Relying on the rapid development of the digital economy, digital services are now ubiquitous in our lives. In Beijing, the host of the China Service and Trade Fair, we can get in touch with the convenience that digital services bring to life every day.

There is a QR code on the counter of imported cold chain food in a supermarket in Beijing. Scan the QR code with your mobile phone to see some relevant information behind the cold chain food, including its origin. Country, nucleic acid test report and disinfection certificate and other relevant information. Behind this digital service is blockchain technology that has developed rapidly in recent years.

"Changan Chain" is my country's first autonomous and controllable blockchain software and hardware technology system released in Beijing this year. In addition to playing a major role in the prevention and control of the epidemic, such technology has also allowed the customs of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei to form a "single window" through which data can be communicated, and the facilitation of cross-border trade has been greatly improved.

In recent years, my country's digital trade has shown a momentum of rapid development. According to the statistical caliber of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, my country's digitally delivered service trade volume in 2020 is 294.76 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 8.4% year-on-year. The proportion of trade in services increased from 27.4% in 2015 to 44.5%.

In order to highlight the focus on the digital economy and digital trade, this year the Service Trade Fair will also release more than 30 reports, standards and indexes including the "China Service Trade Development Report 2020" and "Digital Trade Development and Cooperation Report 2021" , Leading the development of the industry.

There are 8 special exhibitions in the Shougang Park exhibition area of ​​this session of the Service Trade Fair, with a total of 15 exhibition halls. People who come here can not only experience the exhibitions of the Service Trade Fair up close, but also personally Experience the industrial remains here.

This year, the Service Trade Fair has not only expanded its "friend circle", it has also become even better. Setting up dual venues for the first time is another highlight of this session of the Service Trade Fair. The National Convention Center set up a comprehensive exhibition, and set up a special exhibition in the Shougang Park exhibition area. The 94,000 square meters exhibition area will exhibit engineering consulting and construction services, sports services, health services, education services, telecommunications, computers, and Information services, financial services, cultural and travel services, supply chain and business services 8 sectors. The Service Trade Fair integrates exhibitions and industrial sites, which is refreshing.

Bai Ning, assistant to the general manager of Beijing Shougang Construction Investment Co., Ltd. said: "This is also a major innovation of the Service Trade Association, highlighting the characteristics of the Shougang Park, with the industrial site landscape axis as the core, and the exhibition hall surrounding the layout. When building the exhibition hall, pay attention to the dialogue with the industrial remains and landscape, and create a convention and exhibition with a strong park attribute and sense of travel."

This year, the Service Trade Fair will pay more attention to interactive experience. As the office of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee and one of the venues for the Winter Olympics, the Shougang Park has distinct Winter Olympics and sports elements, and the sports service area with interactive ice and snow experiences and Winter Olympics elements has also become the focus of attention.

Industrial remains are a highlight of the Shougang Park of the Service Trade Fair. Another feature of this park is the sports service area. The sports service area includes the content of the Winter Expo for the first time. People who come here can pass the winter expo. For the content of the expo, some interactive experiences of ice and snow projects will be carried out.

In addition to exhibitions, another focus of this session of the Service Trade Fair is high-level summits, forums and side events. In addition to highlighting the themes of digital economy and digital trade, another topic that has attracted much attention is green and low-carbon development. The "Global Ecological Sustainable Development Summit Forum" and "Carbon Neutral Economic Development Forum" will be held around the theme of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. Wait for 15 related events.

Sha Zukang, former Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations and Honorary President of the International Green Economy Association, said: "Achieving carbon peaks and carbon neutrality requires the use of a large number of new technologies, and requires green and low-carbon new business formats and new models. Therefore, this time, the Service Trade Fair has set up related topics with the theme of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality to carry out exchanges and cooperation. In a sense, it has met the expectations of all parties and is of great significance to promoting the industrial development methods of various countries. ."

Today, the Service Trade Association has become an important platform for my country to promote high-level opening up. During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, my country's service imports and exports totaled US$3.6 trillion, and its status as the world's second largest country in service trade has been further consolidated. The holding of the Service Trade Fair will also promote the development of cooperation between China and the world in service trade.

At the service trade fair, not only professional visitors can see new technologies, new trends, and new opportunities, but ordinary visitors can also visit the service trade fair and get fresh experiences. Here we also give you some warm tips: Two days from September 3rd to 4th are professional visitor days, and three days from September 5th to 7th are public open days. Friends who want to visit the Service Trade Fair can register and log in on the Service Trade Fair’s digital platform, and choose to purchase tickets on professional days or public days through the "Booking Tickets" window. Of course, on the day of the exhibition, you still need to arrive at the exhibition area according to the time period selected by the ticket purchase, and then take the temperature to complete the health screening, and then enter the exhibition hall after swiping your ID card. The organizer also provides free ferry services to and from the National Convention Center and Shougang Exhibition Area. Let us look forward to the opening of this grand meeting.