China News Agency, Beijing, September 17 (reporter Yan Xiaohong) - the latest research report shows that in the wave of intelligence, the sense of science and technology of vehicles has become an important consideration for Chinese consumers when buying cars. The influence of independent brand cars continues to rise < p > according to the 2021 China new car purchase intention Research Report officially released by J.D. Power (jundi), a consumer insight and market research organization, in the next six months, nearly a quarter of consumers will take intelligent experience as the most important factor in car purchase decision-making < p > this is the 13th consecutive year that J.D.Power released the research on China's new car purchase intention. This study focuses on the cognition and attitude of prospective car buyers towards car brands, preferred car configuration and purchase considerations. Prospective buyers refer to consumers who plan to buy cars in the next 6 months. The brand influence score included in the study is a comprehensive evaluation index based on brand awareness, brand familiarity and brand preference < p > the study found that Chinese consumers have a high demand for intelligent configuration. Among the seven factors affecting car purchase decision-making, automobile intelligent experience accounts for 14% of the weight, and 24% of prospective car buyers believe that automobile intelligent experience is the most important consideration. At the same time, the study also found that the lack of new technology or sense of science and technology has become the third biggest concern of potential customers < p > the study also found that there were significant differences in car purchase preferences among different populations. The proportion of "post-95" women considering buying new energy vehicles is the highest. Among the reasons for buying, appearance, good car buying experience and strong power are the top several main reasons for men and women to buy cars < p > in addition, the overall brand influence of China's automobile industry will rise in 2021. The brand influence score included in the study shows that the average brand influence score of the industry in 2021 is 621, an increase of 10 points over 2020. The brand influence score of luxury car market was 629 points, an increase of 20 points over last year; The brand influence score of the mainstream car market was 619 points, an increase of 7 points over last year < p > at the same time, the influence of independent brand cars, especially new power brand cars, has also increased significantly. Some independent brand cars have entered the "high cognition and high preference" range previously dominated by international brands, which means that independent brand cars have a higher intentional purchase rate as a whole. (end)