China News Service, Changchun, May 20th (Gao Long'an) Short-term tourism is full of vitality in the northeast province of Jilin. The reporter recently learned from the Jilin Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism that out of the 66 new summer and autumn tourism routes released by the department, 34 are short-term surrounding tourism routes. The theme routes of ecology, parent-child, urban culture, health and recreation are very promising.

The new crown pneumonia epidemic once severely impacted the tourism industry in Jilin Province. In 2020, the Department of Culture and Tourism of Jilin Province will integrate the products of intra-provincial tours, short-term tours, and peripheral tours, and launch the "Ji Di New Year" cultural tourism promotion campaign, which will stimulate the consumption of intra-provincial tourism.

Jilin Province is rich in natural ecological resources and possesses the inherent advantages of developing rural tourism, industrial tourism, scenic tourism, and ice and snow tourism.

Zhang Wenguang, deputy director of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Jilin Province, introduced that the newly launched 34 short-term surrounding tour routes are supported by the independent cultural and tourism resources of the provinces, cities and states, and are suitable for tourists in the province and surrounding provinces. .

This year’s May 1st holiday, the number of visits to the Palace Museum of the Manchukuo in Changchun increased by 835.29% year-on-year, the number of visitors to Changbai Mountain Scenic Area increased by 11727% year-on-year, and the number of visitors to Dunhua Liuding Mountain Scenic Area increased by 1066% year-on-year. The industry has achieved rapid recovery.

A large proportion of the dazzling data is contributed by tourists from the province and surrounding provinces. In addition, in recent years, Jilin Province has also regarded rural tourism as an important part of promoting rural revitalization and poverty alleviation. Agricultural sightseeing, picking and other projects have been favored by urban residents.

Take this year’s May Day holiday data as an example. The Ma’anshan Village in Changchun received 35,400 tourists, an increase of 119.8% year-on-year; Jilin City’s Rich Farm received 20,000 tourists, an increase of 400% year-on-year; Yanbian Jindalai Village in Zhouhelong City welcomed nearly 50,000 tourists on May 1st. By May 17, local guest houses were fully booked.

Jilin Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism believes that with the arrival of summer, the tourism market enters the peak season. With the dual blessing of preferential policies and consumer demand, the prospects for short-term tourism are bright. (End)