China News Service, May 10 (Reporter Miao Lu) The press conference of the 10th China Flower Expo was held on the 10th. The reporter learned at the meeting that the preparations for the Flower Expo are currently progressing smoothly. The construction of the park and the layout of the exhibition area have been basically completed, and the conditions for the opening are met. In addition, nearly 1,000 new flower varieties appeared in the indoor exhibition area. This year's Flower Expo has officially invited the famous singer Liao Changyong and the famous diving athlete Wu Minxia as public welfare image ambassadors.

The 10th Flower Expo will open on May 21 in Chongming, Shanghai. According to Li Zheng, secretary of the Chongming District Committee of Shanghai, the 10th China Flower Expo Park consists of the North Garden and the South Garden, with a total area of ​​589 hectares. The overall planning layout is "one center, one axis, six halls, and six gardens."

This year's Flower Expo has officially invited the famous singer Liao Changyong and the famous diving athlete Wu Minxia as public welfare image ambassadors. Photo courtesy of the Propaganda Department of Chongming District

"Yixin" is the core area of ​​"Dream Garden", with peony flowers as the composition element, through the sea of ​​flowers, flower paths, flower streams, and flower valleys, the overall creation of "peony blooms, The beautiful landscape of the Flower Expo Park, which is welcoming the prosperous age; the “one axis” is the Flower Expo axis, which connects the South Garden, Yingbin Square, Century Hall, Fuxing Plaza, Fuxing Hall and Dongping Town. Flower beds, flower corridors, and flower bridges are arranged along the line. , Style; "Six Pavilions" are Fuxing Pavilion, Century Pavilion, Bamboo and Rattan Pavilion, Baihua Pavilion, Flower Art Pavilion and Huaqi Pavilion. Six exhibition gardens of magnolia, plum blossom, chrysanthemum, orchid, lotus and bamboo garden have also been built in the park, focusing on displaying traditional Chinese precious flowers and promoting Chinese flower culture.

The main exhibition area of ​​the Flower Expo Garden is divided into indoor exhibition area and outdoor exhibition garden. The outdoor exhibition park is divided into east and west areas. The eastern part is the outdoor exhibition parks of various provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The west area is the branch exhibition garden of the China Flower Association, the international friendship city garden, the international designer garden, the Chinese and foreign flower enterprise garden, the international 100 excellent new product garden, the vegetable garden, the enterprise naming garden, etc. All provinces (regions, cities), branches of the China Flower Association and related cities and enterprises actively participated in the exhibition. The number of exhibitors reached 189, which was the largest number of exhibitors in the previous flower expo.

Build 180 outdoor exhibition parks, including 35 exhibition parks in various provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities), Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, 10 branch exhibition parks of the China Flower Association, and 14 titled enterprise parks , Flower gardening, landscaping, and other enterprises and organizations participating in the exhibition have 20 flower enterprise exhibition gardens, 12 national friendship city exhibition gardens, 10 international designer gardens, 30 citizen gardens, 6 characteristic flower gardens, and 4 specialized gardens , 39 exhibition gardens for outstanding flower border works in the first China International Flower Border Competition.

At this year’s Flower Expo, various provinces (regions, cities), Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, various branches of the Flower Association, and related enterprises and units built 64 indoor exhibition areas, focusing on exhibits with local characteristics The unique flower varieties, the main flower products and the new flower varieties, new technologies and new products created through scientific and technological research. The indoor exhibition area will display more than 20,000 exhibits, and nearly 1,000 new flower varieties will appear on the stage. Among them, there are 72 new flower varieties independently researched and developed in Beijing, and 63 new flower varieties in Shanghai.

In addition, in terms of cultural event planning, during the Flower Expo, more than 300 cultural events will be carried out around the two elements of flower and party building, including opening and closing ceremonies, a series of activities to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, and night shows. Activities, etc.; various themed activities organized by the provincial, autonomous, regional, and municipal flower associations and branches of the flower association, domestic and foreign exhibitors, sponsors and other exhibitors; and online activities such as live broadcast, cloud travel, cloud shopping, and competition.

The press conference also revealed that in terms of epidemic prevention and control, in accordance with the overall deployment of Shanghai epidemic prevention and control, as of now, the relevant personnel involved in the operation, management and service of the Flower Expo have had a new crown vaccination rate of 99.53. %.

In terms of transportation, during the Expo, everyone is encouraged to go green and intensively travel and visit the park in groups. Shanghai will set up 7 flower expo dedicated lines in the Wuzhou Avenue hub, Longyang Road hub and other places, at the Hongqiao hub. , People’s Square and other places have set up 10 customized passenger transport lines, and added 2 special water and land combined transport lines. After making an online ticket reservation, visitors can follow the system prompts to determine the mode of travel. Priority is given to intensive transportation methods such as the Flower Expo dedicated line and the water and land transport line; if visitors choose to visit the exhibition by car, they need to make a reservation for parking around the park in advance, and parking is not reserved. In principle, it is not allowed to enter the core area of ​​the Flower Expo Garden. (End)