China News Service, Kangle, August 27 (Wang Dongpo) In Kangle, Gansu in early autumn, the air was filled with the sweetness of melons and fruits. Just after breakfast, 17-year-old Zhang Xiuhua boarded the shuttle bus to Kangle County.

"What a happy day!" Zhang Xiuhua is very happy. She has been studying hard for ten years and will go to university in a few days. She issued the rural revitalization scholarship, which completely solved the urgent need for tuition.

On the afternoon of August 27th, the 2021 "Rainbow Benefit Road" and the Granting Ceremony of the Rural Revitalization Fund for China Construction Second Bureau was held in Kangle County No. 1 Middle School. 20 prospective college students including Zhang Xiuhua received 5000 Yuan helps the rural revitalization student fund.

The prospective college student Zhang Xiufang told reporters: "The moment I received the notice, there was both happiness and sorrow. I am happy that I am finally about to step into my favorite university campus. The sorrow is with the notice. All kinds of expenses." But as the staff from the "Rainbow Yilu" student assistance operation of the China Construction Second Bureau came to her home, all these problems were solved in an instant. In this regard, Zhang Xiufang said happily: "I must study hard and live up to everyone's support and care for me. After graduation, I will be a useful person to society and continue to pass on this love."

Afternoon of August 27 , China Construction Second Bureau 2021 "Rainbow Yi Road" and the granting ceremony of the rural revitalization aid fund was held in Kangle County No. 1 Middle School. Photo courtesy of China Construction Second Bureau

It is understood that the "Rainbow Benefit Road" student assistance program of China Construction Second Bureau was launched in August 2017. During the assistance process, the company not only provided students with four-year university tuition. , Part of living expenses, mobile phones and school supplies. At the event site that day, the staff also distributed the 2021 tuition for the previous students and rewarded outstanding college students who received scholarships with a total of 439,000 yuan.

The "Rainbow Yilu" student assistance action establishes an exclusive file for each student, and has a detailed understanding of the learning, thinking and life situation at each stage of the university career, caring for life, and giving it psychologically. Enlightenment and guidance on career planning, truly provide one-stop assistance and services from enrollment, study to employment, and carry out all-round tracking and guidance from growth to success, and provide meticulous assistance.

"In terms of study and life, it has effectively helped college students with family difficulties and reduced their family burden." Luo Hongqiang, director of the Kangle County Education Bureau Subsidy Center said, thanks to the "Rainbow Yi Road" of the Second Bureau of China Construction Kangle County will increase education assistance in 2021, taking into account the academic performance and family difficulties when selecting aided students, and invested 1.54 million yuan to help 468 students realize their dreams in the university.

"This year is the fourth year that we have organized the'Rainbow Yilu' student assistance program in Kangle County. From targeted poverty alleviation to helping rural revitalization, 135 students from Kangle County have been helped to enter the university. The total expenditure has reached 1.55 million yuan.” Wang Yanling, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of China Construction Second Bureau Installation Engineering Co., Ltd., said that college students are the backbone of the country’s future development. Funding and assisting college students in need is our in-depth promotion of "I do practical things for the masses." , Use practical actions to help the important measures of rural revitalization. (End)