Deepening pragmatic cooperation to promote sustainable development

Join hands to build a green Belt and Road Initiative (new perceptions)

Currently, global climate change challenges are intensifying, and green development has become a topic of concern to all countries . President Xi Jinping pointed out: "Sustainable development is the best point of convergence of all parties' interests and the best entry point for cooperation" "We must adhere to green development and strive to build a beautiful home where man and nature coexist harmoniously." China is an important participant, contributor, and leader in the construction of global ecological civilization. The “Belt and Road” initiative is a platform for win-win cooperation built by China for the international community. In the process of co-constructing the “Belt and Road”, China has always focused on integrating the concept of green development through it. During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, my country issued the "13th Five-Year Plan for Energy Development" and the "13th Five-Year Plan for Renewable Energy Development". The region has carried out exchanges and cooperation in a wide range of fields, rich content, and various forms around green development, and has promoted positive progress and remarkable results in the joint construction of the green "Belt and Road".

The joint construction of the "Belt and Road" initiative originated from China and belongs to the world. As the initiator of the “Belt and Road” initiative, China has long been committed to promoting green, low-carbon and sustainable development. In the process of building the “Belt and Road”, China has strengthened mutual learning of green civilizations, expanded the dimension of green cooperation, and consolidated the building of a green “Belt and Road”. Based on the “One Road” initiative, we will work with participating countries and regions to inject green development momentum into the world. The joint construction of a green “Belt and Road” emphasizes both economic development and ecological environmental protection, and advocates building a new pattern of resource conservation and environmental protection in accordance with the principles of population, resource and environmental balance, and economic, social and ecological benefits, and promotes the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure and the transformation of production and lifestyle. The green “Belt and Road” initiative focuses on resource conservation, clean energy, energy efficiency improvement, and low-carbon technology. It is an important part of global environmental and climate governance and provides impetus for global green, low-carbon and sustainable development. With the focus on ecological environment and technological cooperation, all parties concerned carry out policy coordination, expand cooperation areas, implement cooperation projects, and explore the road to sustainable development.

The "One Belt One Road" is not only a road to economic prosperity, but also a road to green development. In recent years, China has issued a series of policy documents focusing on the joint construction of a green “Belt and Road”, guiding relevant parties to actively participate, and further improving the policy system for protecting green waters and mountains from multiple channels and perspectives. The Vision and Actions for Promoting the Joint Construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road issued in 2015 proposed to promote green and low-carbon infrastructure construction and operation management, and strengthen cooperation in the ecological environment, biodiversity, and climate change , To jointly build a green silk road. The "Guiding Opinions on Promoting Green Belt and Road Construction" and the "Belt and Road Ecological Environmental Protection Cooperation Plan" released in 2017 listed ecological civilization, ecological environmental protection, and green development as important features of the "Belt and Road" construction. Make specific provisions on the goals, connotations, scope, and paths of the green development of the “Belt and Road”. In addition, the introduction of green product standard certification, green infrastructure construction and other related standards, provide clearer and more specific green standards for international cooperation on the “Belt and Road”, and effectively promote the implementation of related projects.

To jointly build a green "Belt and Road" to promote unity and cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win. President Xi Jinping pointed out: “In the face of the challenge of climate change, mankind shares a common destiny, and unilateralism has no way out.” In order to promote the green “Belt and Road” initiative, China established the “Belt and Road” eco-environmental protection leader in a steady and orderly manner. The group identified the China-ASEAN Environmental Protection Cooperation Center as the lead agency to provide technical support to provide organizational mechanism guarantees for the "Belt and Road" ecological and environmental protection work. Establish a "Belt and Road" construction promotion center, and gradually establish a multi-level work system from policy coordination to project implementation management. Actively implement the "Paris Agreement" and sign a memorandum of understanding on building a green "Belt and Road" with the United Nations Environment Programme. Established the "Belt and Road" green development international alliance, launched the "Belt and Road" green supply chain platform, and held a series of theme exchange activities such as the "Belt and Road" Ecological and Environmental Protection International High-level Dialogue, in order to promote the construction of the "Belt and Road" ecological and environmental protection cooperation and green Development provides new bridges and ties.

(The author is a professor at the School of International Relations, Renmin University of China)