How to manage "free money" so that "free money" can also "money generate money"?

First, we need to clarify the concept of "free money". From the professional point of view of asset allocation, when investors are planning their asset allocation, they will allocate funds among various types of assets in a reasonable manner to ensure the liquidity, safety and profitability of the entire investment portfolio. Under normal circumstances, in the investment portfolio, we will retain part of the liquidity funds, part of the funds as emergency reserve funds, the other part of the funds to meet the daily expenses of the family, and there are currently idle funds that are not used but to be invested.

Using this idea flexibly to divide daily income, we can find that in addition to "sealing" part of the money as emergency funds, the other part of the money is used for daily expenses, then, except for the idle funds to be invested, the remaining What comes down is liquid funds that can be spent casually, which is also commonly known as "spare money." So, is there any way to manage this part of liquidity, which can guarantee the use of funds, but also can not lose the necessary income?

The financial planner of Industrial Bank Guangzhou Branch suggested that ordinary investors need to meet two prerequisites for the allocation of liquid funds: first, high liquidity, which can be realized at any time; second, low risk, principal Guaranteed. Based on the above two conditions, in addition to retaining some of the current savings in the account as an emergency reserve, there are currently three main types of cash management products on the market that can meet investors’ dual needs for liquidity and profitability of financial management funds: currency funds, short-term funds Debt funds, bank cash management wealth management. Specifically, these three products have different characteristics:

Money fund is an open-end fund that gathers idle funds from the society, is operated by fund managers, and the fund custodian keeps the funds. It mainly invests in risks. Smaller money market instruments, such as treasury bonds, central bank bills, commercial bills, bank time deposit certificates, government short-term bonds, corporate bonds (higher credit ratings), interbank deposits and other short-term securities.

Different from other types of open-end funds, money funds have the characteristics of high security, high liquidity, and stable returns.

Short-term bond funds are named after the bonds they invest in with short maturities. Short-term debt funds and currency funds are both bond funds. Compared with currency funds, short-term debt funds invest in financial products with a relatively long maturity. They mainly invest in money market instruments, including liquid assets, fixed-income assets, and higher credit ratings. Real estate assets.

Because the risks of liquid assets and fixed-income assets are not high, the risk is relatively controllable under normal circumstances. At the same time, short-term debt funds can appropriately use leverage to enhance returns, so the expected return is higher than that of currency funds. However, because short-term debt funds have holding time requirements, and the redemption funds arrive at T+1 and T+2, they are liquid There will be restrictions on sex.

3. Bank cash management wealth management

The biggest feature of cash management wealth management products is high liquidity, which can realize T+0 subscription and redemption, which is more flexible than currency funds; In terms of investment scope, it can invest in money funds and money market tools similar to money funds, and it can also invest in standardized assets within a certain period of time. The return is higher than that of money funds, and it is not much different from short-term debt funds.

Bank cash management wealth management, as a series of cash management wealth management products, is issued by commercial banks and their wealth management subsidiaries. The main asset allocation is concentrated in bonds and bank deposits, with high-grade credit above AA+ The proportion of debt is relatively high, and the investment direction of these products is mostly low-risk areas such as currency, bonds, interbank market and bills. The investment period is mostly measured in "days", which can be open for purchase and redemption every working day. , Quick redemption has few restrictions-there is no limit on the amount of redemption during the trading time period, and the redemption funds will be credited to the account in real time, which is as convenient as a current deposit; in the non-trading time period, the upper limit of the quick redemption limit is 50,000 yuan.

In comparison, the quick redemption limit of money funds is subject to a single-day limit of 10,000 yuan, while short-term debt funds mainly receive T+1 and T+2. It can be seen that bank cash Management wealth management is stronger than currency funds and short-term debt funds in terms of profitability and liquidity.

The three characteristics of high liquidity, high profitability, and fast redemption make bank cash management wealth management favored by the majority of investors, so that liquid funds can still be used in the daily flow of liquidity. Investors create income and achieve the goal of "money makes money".

Currently, Industrial Bank has launched a new generation of cash management wealth management products-"Cash Bao Tian Li Series", including two series of cash Bao Tian Li No. 1 and Tian Li No. 3 daily gold. All belong to net value products. Since the listing, this series of products have been enthusiastically sought after by customers.

The cash treasure Tianli series of wealth management products have the characteristics of flexible redemption and strong liquidity, so that investors can enjoy the benefits of "spare money" wealth management while having current convenience. According to reports, this series of products are purchased before 15:45 on working days, with a daily interest rate and real-time redemption 7*24 hours (on weekdays 9:00-15:45, there is no upper limit for real-time redemption, and the real-time redemption limit for other times is 50,000) , Easy change management. In terms of profitability, taking the valuation date May 10, 2021 as an example, the annualized income of Tianli No. 1 on the 7th is as high as 2.903%, and the annualized income of Tianli No. 3 and daily income on the 7th is as high as 3.188%, which is higher than the current rate. The advantages of deposits are obvious. In terms of liquidity, this series of products can be comparable to demand deposits, taking into account the characteristics of liquidity and profitability, and has the characteristics of "quasi-savings", and its configuration function cannot be ignored.