China Economic Weekly - Economic Net News recently, Hurun Baifu and CITIC Prudential Life jointly released the 2021 family safety report for high net worth people in China

the report shows that the overall level of consumer prices of China's high net worth population has increased by 4.4% year-on-year this year; Luxury tourism, real estate, accessories and skin care products ranked among the top three in terms of price increase. Huawei mate X2, Shanghai Shimao Binjiang and Wuliangye were the commodities with the largest increase in the past decade, with increases of 45%, 39% and 34% respectively; "Safety" surpasses "growth" and has become the most important investment and financial goal of high net worth people for two consecutive years; Meanwhile, in the coming year, the top three high net worth families' willingness to plan additional allocation are a shares, insurance and bank financial management

for the macro environment, the three topics most concerned by high net worth people are: complex economic environment (63%), normalization of epidemic prevention and control (58%) and social pension (50%). Ensuring the security of principal (33%) and obtaining steady growth of wealth (24%) are the main concerns of many high net worth families in investment and wealth management

the report shows that the penetration rate of commercial life insurance in high net worth people is as high as 97%; What high net worth families value most is the basic guarantee and risk isolation function of insurance; The richness of product portfolio and claim settlement timeliness have a great impact on satisfaction