, Harbin, May 19th (Reporter Wang Lin) On the 19th, "Green Development · Better Life" Heilongjiang Main Venue of 2021 "China Tourism Day" kicked off at Mudanjiang Cultural Square, and the Heilongjiang summer tour was announced on the spot. Eight themed products, ten summer tourism festivals, 25 must-see destinations, and 100 self-driving routes.

The main venue of Heilongjiang Province for 2021 "China Tourism Day" will be held in Mudanjiang, which is the host site of the 4th Heilongjiang Province Tourism Industry Development Conference. Mudanjiang has rich tourism resources along the coast and coastal waters. Tourism resources such as "lakes, borders, customs, forests, snow, special and red" are distributed throughout the city, and the supply of tourism products is becoming increasingly high-quality and diverse.

The "China Tourism Day" theme promotion activities are carried out in various parts of Heilongjiang Province. Photo courtesy of the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Since the "May 1st" holiday and during the "China Tourism Day" period, cultural and tourism departments in Heilongjiang Province Organized and carried out a variety of thematic publicity and promotion activities. The province held 109 various activities and launched 151 cultural tourism benefits to the people. Discounts, charity performances, and diverse activities have promoted tourists to share the "beautiful scenery of Northland".

On the day of "China Tourism Day", the summer tourism products of Heilongjiang Province were officially released. According to Zhang Chunyan, Director of the Promotion and Marketing Department of the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, this summer tourism products are based on the theme of "Your North · Qingliang Longjiang", creating forest tours, wetland tours, summer tours, red tours, rural tours, and parent-child tours. Eight themed summer tourism products such as study tours, gourmet tours, and night tours.

Jingbo Lake Cliff Diving Performance Photo courtesy of the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

This summer, Heilongjiang Province launched 244 travel destinations and 13 cities’ specialties for tourists to choose from, including the Sun Island Scenic Area, The total number of high-quality 5A and 4A scenic spots in Heilongjiang Province, such as Jingbo Lake Scenic Area and Yichun Wuying National Forest Park, has created a new high in summer tourism destination promotion in Heilongjiang.

Photo courtesy of the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism of the "China Crossing" self-driving event

In addition, the top ten summer tourism festivals in Heilongjiang will run through the summer, the 35th Ha Xia Concert and the 2021 China Harbin International Beer Festival , The 37th Wudalianchi Volcano Holy Water Festival and other tourism festivals will be opened in various parts of the province one after another. Heilongjiang has also launched 25 must-see destinations and 100 self-driving tours that are the most worthy of check-in in summer, further enhancing the richness and maturity of tourism products. (End)