Beijing, Shijiazhuang, October 2 (Wang Tianyi, Wang Huamei) on the morning of the 2nd, the fifth late autumn yellow pear picking Festival "pear King competition" held in "Huangli town" in Guantao County, Handan City, Hebei Province attracted hundreds of tourists. On the same day, a yellow pear weighing 4.16 kg produced by the planter he Xibin's family won the current pear king

the picture shows Pear Farmers carrying yellow pears. Photo by Wang Huamei

the picture shows Wang Huamei, the first prize winner of the "pear King competition"

yellow pear in late autumn is known as the "king of pears" because of its large fruit, good fruit quality, storage resistance and high nutrition. In order to develop the cultivation of yellow pear, Guantao County has explored and implemented a new development path of yellow pear industry of "Party branch + cooperative + base + farmers + market" according to local conditions, and built a "yellow pear town" in Fangzhai Town, the main production area of yellow pear, which has continuously developed and expanded the yellow pear industry, with a planting area of 11600 mu, an annual output of 46000 tons of fresh pear and an annual output value of 138 million yuan. Therefore, Fangzhai town has become the first town of Huangli in China and won the title of national "one village and one product" demonstration village and town

"I have planted 300 mu of yellow pears. It is estimated that 8000 Jin can be produced per mu, and the net income per mu is more than 10000 yuan," said he Xibin

the picture shows tourists picking yellow pears. Photo by Wang Huamei

in order to extend the Huangli industrial chain, Guantao County has also built China Huangli R & D center, late autumn Huangli trading market and four large cold storages, developed Huangli juice, Huangli cream and other products, created more than 30 boutique picking gardens such as "Eighteen year pear garden", built Huangli Inn, red pedestrian street and other scenic spots, becoming a collection of picking, leisure A model of Rural Revitalization integrating tourism. In addition to more than 10 provinces and cities such as Beijing and Tianjin, the fruits are also exported to Southeast Asian countries. (end)