China News Service, Hangzhou, September 6 (Zhang Yuhuan and Zhang Yudi) The reporter was informed on the 6th that Yuhang District, Hangzhou City recently issued the "Announcement on Recruitment of Rural Professional Managers in Yuhang District, Hangzhou City in 2021", officially recruiting rural professional managers nationwide The basic salary is 180,000 yuan/year, and there are performance rewards, a total of 9 places, and the first employment period is 2 years. This is the third year that the local government has concentrated on recruiting rural management talents.

Rural professional managers are vividly called "village CEOs". They have accumulated certain work experience in their respective fields of expertise, and are engaged in management and other work in village collective economic organizations wholly-owned or holding companies. According to reports, the main purpose of recruiting rural professional managers is to further improve the rural living environment, the development of agricultural cultural tourism industry and the operation and management capabilities of village-level collective assets, and to promote the development of the village's collective economy.

Currently, there are 7 rural professional managers in Yuhang District. Liu Song, a professional manager of Yongan Village who is responsible for the construction and operation of Daoxiang Town, is one of them. According to Liu Song, Daoxiang Town in Yong'an Village has been built through land transfer and professional operation of farmers in the past two years, and has actively explored the extension of the rice industry chain and the transformation and upgrading of the grain industry. Not only that, Daoxiang Town has also opened up new online retail channels and implemented regional public brand building for the rice industry, allowing Yongan Rice to achieve both fame and fortune. At this year's "June 18" e-commerce shopping festival, Daoxiang Town sold nearly 250,000 kilograms of rice with the help of multiple marketing channels.

The 37-year-old Tang Wenming is a rural professional manager in Xiaogucheng Village, Jingshan Town, Yuhang District. In 2019, Yuhang District launched the recruitment of rural professional managers for the first time. Tang Wenming successfully applied for the job and became the general manager of Xiaogucheng Tourism Development Co., Ltd. In the past two years, Tang Wenming helped the village build rainbow slides, ancient wizard paradise, and Tiaoxi camp. The company's revenue last year was more than 1.28 million yuan, and its revenue in the first half of this year reached more than 830,000 yuan.

As the team of rural professional management talents continues to grow, Yuhang District will help the healthy development of the rural collective economy by establishing a complete "recruiting, managing, and retaining" talent life-cycle management mechanism to create a new era The "Yuhang Model" of rural revitalization in economically developed areas provides strong talent support and intellectual support.

It is understood that the local rural professional managers recruited this time require a bachelor’s degree or above, with more than 3 years of experience in business management, investment and financing, agricultural cultural tourism projects, etc. The first appointment period is 2 year. (End)