Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, May 10th, title: Five keywords are frequently searched for domestic products, click Chinese Brand Day

Xinhua News Agency reporters He Xinrong, Zhou Rui, Sun Qing

From beauty to food, from mobile phones to cars, from consumer goods to national weights, have you noticed that the frequency of hot searches on domestic products is getting higher and higher? Behind this, it is inseparable from the strong support of the brand. On the 10th, the 2021 China Brand Day event opened in Shanghai, which is the fifth Chinese Brand Day since 2017. Shuttle through 19 central enterprise exhibition halls and 37 local exhibition halls, we will show you the aura of Chinese brands and feel the confidence of China's economy.

Innovation is not only a clear orientation of the "14th Five-Year Plan", but also a shining label for Chinese brands.

As a member of the state-owned enterprise pavilion, Aviation Industry Corporation of China brought the "Yun-20" and "Kunlong" AG600 and other major heavy equipment models in the field of aviation equipment to the China Brand Day event for the first time. Among them, the Yun-20 is the first 200-ton military large transport aircraft independently developed by China, which has performed many anti-epidemic missions at home and abroad.

Zhou Guoqiang, assistant general manager of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China, said: “The first reason for carrying the Yun-20 model to participate in the China Brand Day event is because it has a large load and can show the image of a big country; and the other is because of the development of this aircraft. It has collaborated with more than 2,000 units inside and outside the system, demonstrating the strength of China's science and technology chain and supply chain."

Innovation is not only reflected in the country’s important weapons, but also in all aspects of daily life. In the Beijing exhibition hall, the new crown vaccine of Sinopharm Beisheng Institute and Kexing Company has attracted many people's attention. Statistics show that in the first quarter of this year, the two companies cumulatively contributed about 80% of the country's new crown vaccine production, contributing an important force to the fight against the epidemic.

VR/AR, animation, film and television, 4D-walking in various exhibition halls, all kinds of novel display methods are dizzying. In contrast, in addition to the new generation of the Internet, many "old brands" have also launched "Internet celebrities" explosions, attracting the attention of young consumers.

What is the feeling of Chinese pastries such as fresh shrimp siu-mai and red bean paste with coffee? In recent years, Qiaojiazha, a long-established restaurant in Shanghai, has launched a cross-border brand of "Chinese pastries + Western coffee", "Qiao Coffee", focusing on the "fireworks-flavored internet celebrity" route. Shen Yan, deputy general manager of Qiao Jiazha, said that the key to the transformation of time-honored brands lies in the rejuvenation of the customer base, otherwise they can only live in memory. "Of course, the transformation must not forget the foundation of the body. On the basis of adhering to the quality, the appearance and the convenience of eating must be improved."

In the Hunan Pavilion, there are both super large diameter shield machines, Innovative achievements such as supercomputers, there are also "net celebrities" such as Wen Heyou and Cha Yan Yuese, waiting for the audience to come and "check in." A little observation shows that more and more domestic products have become "net celebrities", which is closely related to the rise of young consumer groups. A report from the Ali Research Institute pointed out that domestic products are becoming the first choice for "post-90s", "post-95s" and "post-00s" consumers. On the Tmall platform in the past year, the consumption of "post-00s" domestic products has grown the fastest, exceeding 50%.

Reliable quality is the key to the brand's long-term "preservation". The excellence of quality has become the highlight of many exhibition halls.

Qingdao, which has many well-known manufacturing brands, has launched the theme of "Ingenuity Qingdao". According to the staff of Qingdao Exhibition Hall, with the brand leading high-quality development, Qingdao vigorously cultivates a new generation of "Qingdao Golden Flower".

In the Hubei pavilion with the theme of "excellence of Chu," a portable laser marking machine from Huagong Technology is eye-catching. According to the relevant person in charge of the company, through innovative design, the original industrial-grade marking machine is adapted to daily life scenes, which is suitable for families or hand-crafted workshops to achieve personalized customization of small-batch products.

"I hope that Hubei brands will become outstanding trenders in the new consumer market with new quality, new technology, new creativity, and new experience." said Yuan Defang, deputy director of the Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission.

What will the future of production and life look like? Digitization and intelligence are not only the general trend, but also enrich the connotation of Chinese brands.

"Jingxinzhizhi", "Zhichuangjin Products", and "Zhihuimin Products"-the themes of many local pavilions, release a strong taste of "number" and "wisdom". In the "Guangdong Digital" section of the Guangdong Pavilion, there are not only digital government service brands such as "Guangdong Provincial Affairs", but also independent brands in the digital economy field such as YY live broadcast. According to the staff of the Shandong Pavilion, Shandong is building an industrial Internet platform with global influence around brands such as Haier Kaos and Inspur Yunzhou.

After the test of the epidemic, the relationship between digitalization and the city has become closer. At the Shanghai Pavilion, Zeng Xiaoyang, the founder of Fukan Technology, said that the next generation of ultra-high-definition video technology will make a huge change in lifestyle. The billion-level pixel cloud camera technology developed by the company has been domestically produced from chips to lenses, and has been increasingly used in smart city areas such as wetland bird watching, event protection, and smart airports.

The theme of the 2021 China Brand Day event is "Chinese Brands, Shared by the World; Gathering Double Cycles, Leading New Consumption". Actively going global and integrating into the domestic and international dual cycle is the direction of many Chinese brands' efforts.

Wu Yang, senior manager of the Cultural Department of China Construction Enterprise, said that China Construction is currently carrying out substantive operations in more than 80 countries and regions around the world. "Projects undertaken by Chinese construction, including the new headquarters building of the Central Bank of Kuwait and the King Rama VIII Bridge in Thailand, have become local landmarks and have also been'boarded' in the local currency."

Statistics show , In the 2020 “Fortune Global 500 Companies” listed by Fortune, there are 124 companies from mainland China on the list. In the 2020 "Top 500 World Brands" evaluated by the World Brand Lab, 43 Chinese brands are on the list. Comparing the two, it can be seen that there is still much room for improvement in the future for Chinese brands to go global.

"In the past five years, with the continuous holding of Chinese Brand Days, more and more Chinese brands have been favored by consumers at home and abroad." said Xia Nong, the first-level inspector of the Industry Development Department of the National Development and Reform Commission , The next step is to seize the opportunities brought by the construction of a new development pattern, and continuously improve the level of professionalization, marketization and internationalization of brand building. (Participate in the collection and writing: Li Zige)