Beijing, Shanwei, October 30 (Guo Jun, Zhang Lishan, Zheng Jiahui) the reporter learned from the Guangdong Provincial Taxation Bureau on the 30th that recently, the Tax Service Office of the Urban Taxation Bureau of Shanwei City, Guangdong entered Shanwei government service center and built the first 5g + personalized tax service area in Shanwei

it is reported that the zone integrates the new highlights of "five in one" of customized services, 5g + speed-up, intelligent and convenient, tax handling comfort and mode innovation, promotes the further refinement, intelligence and personalization of tax services, continuously upgrades the tax handling and payment experience of taxpayers and payers, and promotes the high-quality development of local economy

the personalized tax service area has fully covered 5g Wi Fi and Internet of things networks. At the same time, the small programs of "Shanmei village residence" and "Shanmei store waiter" have been launched to provide "silent call" services. The zone is also equipped with AI robots, touch all-in-one machines and other intelligent service equipment, and even provides convenience services such as free copying, self-service drinking water, mobile phone charging, convenient umbrellas and so on

tax officials are tutoring taxpayers to operate the online tax system. Based on the original online tax channels, Shanwei tax has launched v-tax intelligent tax counter to provide remote visual and interactive tax services. Ms. Zhuo, a tax officer of Shanwei yueyun automobile transportation Co., Ltd., said: "the scene guidance function is very attentive. Now you can clearly know the handling materials you need to carry with you by searching your mobile phone before tax, which is very convenient!"

at the same time, this special area has enabled an integrated dual screen self-service pre filling terminal to promote paperless office, The approval time of new taxpayer package service can be shortened from 1 working day to 2.5 hours, and the handling efficiency can be improved by 75%

for 116 key enterprises, the service area customizes special tax analysis business for them, and provides special guidance on tax policies, tax risk tips and reminders and other services to help enterprises make good use of tax policies and prevent and resolve tax risks in time

the establishment of 5g + personalized tax service zone is an important step for Shanwei tax to comprehensively promote the iterative upgrading of business environment with the reform and construction of digital government

has learned that the service area has fully implemented the Internet plus government service, and guided the 85 High Frequency tax related matters. Taxpayers and payers can obtain the list of handling materials immediately through the "question and answer" process

at the same time, relying on the standardization of government service items, the special area has standardized the online handling standards for 187 government service items, simplified the handling process, realized 100% online handling and more than 90% of the whole process online handling, so that taxpayers and payers can take more "Internet" and less "road"

in addition, the service area has also launched an online and offline "all in one city" service channel, covering 30 government service items, such as declaration of surtax (fee), declaration of social insurance premium for flexible employees, declaration of urban land use tax, change of information of one photo and one yard account, and registration of general VAT taxpayers. (end)