Beijing, October 19, Xingshan, Hubei (Guo Xiaoying, Qiao changjiao) the 2021 Zhaojun cultural tourism activity opened in Zhaojun village, Xingshan County, Hubei Province on the evening of the 18th. Experts and scholars engaged in Zhaojun cultural research, representatives of cultural and tourism departments and tourists along Zhaojun's trip to the frontier participated in the activity

that night, the selection of "Ode to Zhaojun" original lyrics and music composition competition was announced. The competition received 168 songs created by music lovers from 24 provinces (cities, autonomous regions) and Austria, of which 39 songs stood out, and some of the award-winning songs were performed at the party

2021 special party for Zhaojun cultural tourism activities. Photo by Zhou Xingliang

Zhaojun cultural tourism activity with the theme of "carrying forward Zhaojun culture, promoting national unity and developing a beautiful economy" is one of the sub activities of the 12th China Three Gorges International Tourism Festival. It is hosted by Yichang municipal government and undertaken by Yichang citizen Religious Committee, Yichang municipal bureau of culture and tourism and Xingshan County Government

during the event, there will be a "Zhaojun out of the frontier" tourism cooperative therapy and mutual delivery and departure ceremony, the release of cross regional tourism products and high-quality tourism routes, the publicity of the advanced model of national unity of "Hongyan love family", as well as the exhibition and sales of cultural and creative products of cities along Zhaojun Heqin Road, Zhaojun Heqin road product promotion conference, tourism product seminar Zhaojun Cultural Tourism Alliance Council and other activities

Xingshan County is the birthplace of Wang Zhaojun. More than 2000 years ago, Wang Zhaojun left his hometown and went far beyond the Great Wall to start a journey of reconciliation. "Zhaojun Heqin road" spans the Yangtze River and yellow river basins, agricultural civilization and grassland civilization, with a total length of about 5000 kilometers. It involves more than 30 counties (banners) in 9 cities (prefectures) of 5 provinces (autonomous regions)

folk song and dance performance at the special party. Photo by Qiao changjiao

in 2019, scenic spots and enterprises along Heqin road jointly established Zhaojun Cultural Tourism Alliance to strengthen cross regional cultural and tourism exchanges and cooperation. Up to now, members of the alliance have developed more than 170 kinds of cultural and creative products, held 11 Zhaojun cultural forums, carried out 15 tourism promotion activities, and transported more than 30000 tourists to each other, driving the integrated development of tourism industry in cities along Zhaojun ChuSai road

Zhou Zhengying, vice mayor of Yichang City, said that over the past two thousand years, the Zhaojun culture of "peace is precious" and "Pro pride" has precipitated into an excellent traditional culture and radiated the cultural charm of the new era. Zhaojun culture is constantly endowed with new connotation in the inheritance and promotion, and has become a spiritual link to enhance emotional identity, cultural identity and national identity. (end)