< / P > < p > opening ceremony site. Photo by Yue Yitong < / P > < p > < img SRC = ' http://i2.chinanews.com/simg/ypt/2021/210917/e1afacea-3850-43ab-ae1b-13738ae74300_ Zsite. JPEG '/ > < / P > < p > opening ceremony site. Photo by Yue Yitong < / P > < p > chinanews, Chengdu, September 17 (reporter Yue Yitong) "2021 Chengdu · European culture season" was launched in Chengdu on the evening of 17. At the opening ceremony, the list of Chengdu Europe cultural exchange and cooperation opportunities including 84 projects was released for the first time < p > "2021 Chengdu · European culture season" is hosted by the Foreign Affairs Office of Chengdu Municipal People's government. The guest of honor is Italy. It will last from September to December, covering more than 10 distinctive cultural activities such as art exhibitions, concerts, online forums and traveling museums < p > the list of Chengdu Europe cultural exchange and cooperation opportunities released for the first time contains 84 projects. Among them, there are 49 cooperation opportunities in Chengdu, including cooperation types involving cultural exchange activities, cultural and creative industry service platform, cultural and creative project construction, literary and artistic exhibition and performance, etc; There are 35 opportunities for European cooperation, including cultural exchange and promotion projects such as Greek Olympic theme exhibition, Finnish photography exhibition and French activity month < p > it is reported that Chengdu and Europe hope to form a normalized information sharing platform through the two-way release of the opportunity list, fully tap the exchange needs and relevant information in the field of culture and art between Chengdu and Europe, and promote more practical cooperation between the cultural and art departments, relevant institutions and excellent artists of both sides to benefit the people of both sides < p > Bi Lanqi, Consul General of the Italian Consulate General in Chongqing, said in his speech that Italy will bring several rich activities to Chengdu citizens during the cultural season. Culture is the top priority in the field of cooperation between Italy and China. The "Sino Italian year of culture and tourism 2022" is coming. It is believed that the cultural cooperation between Italy and Chengdu will be further strengthened. It is hoped that the two sides can deepen cooperation in business, scientific research and other fields < p > "Chengdu European culture season" has been successfully held for 4 times, introducing more than 40 wonderful literary and artistic activities. It is an important platform for cultural exchange, mutual learning and resonance between Chengdu and Europe. The activities of this cultural season strive to meet people's needs for Multicultural Art through diversified forms and themes < p > according to the data, up to now, 8 European countries have been approved to set up consulates in Chengdu, and 42 European cities have concluded sister cities and friendly cooperative relations with Chengdu. (end)